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CBN Insert&PCD Insert

CBN Insert&PCD Insert

CBN Insert&PCD Insert
Product name : CBN Insert&PCD Insert
Item :
Details :
CBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride) is a cutting tool material created by sintering a mixture of cubic boron nitride and a special ceramic binder under ultra-high pressure and temperature, forming a substance nearly as hard as diamond, that is stable under high temperatures. This excellent hardness and thermal resistance make CBN ideal for high-speed, precise machining in hardened steels and cast irons. Machining with CBN produces excellent surface finishes, which can effectively replace the conventional grinding process.
  • Excellent hardness and wear resistance for higher productivity when machining cast iron and heat-treated alloys
  • Cost-effective alternative to diamond cutting tools
  • Dimensional stability helps minimize scrap during high production
  • Produces excellent surface finishes in hard materials
  • Retains its cutting edge under high cutting temperatures and forces
  • Excellent tool life, compared to non-coated inserts
  • Make sure the machine and setup is ridged and solid - chatter will cause chipping.
  • Tool height when boring should be slightly above center - tool deflection will put the tool on center.
  • Do not stop the machine with the tool in cut - this will result in tool breakage.
  • Do not use coolant - this could cause thermal cracking.
  • Do not contact the tool to a hard surface prior to the machining process - this will cause chipping.
  • Depth of cut should not exceed 30% of CBN tip length.