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CBN and PCD Inserts

CBN and PCD Inserts

CBN and PCD Inserts
Product name : CBN and PCD Inserts
Item :
Details :
Materials Recommended For Cutting With CBN

1. Cast Iron:  grey cast iron, chilled cast iron, pearlitic nodular cast iron, high-chromium iron, white cast iron, Ni-hard cast iron and other alloy cast iron;
2. Cast Steel:  high manganese steel, wear-resistant heat-resistant steel;
3. Heat Treated Material:  hardened bearing steel, carburizing steel, nitriding steel, tool steel, die steel;
4. Hardly Processing Material: high temperature alloy, powder metallurgy, hard metal ,tungsten carbide, nickel-base alloys, cobalt-base alloys, thermal spray welding hard-facing.


Materials Recommended For Cutting With PCD

1.Non-Ferrous Metals: aluminium alloy, babbitt metal, brass alloy, copper alloy, lead alloy, manganese alloy, silicoaluminum, silver, platinum, Tungsten carbide, zinc alloy;

2.Non-Metallic Material: aluminium oxide, graphite, sintered ceramics, bakelite, beryllia, ceramic, epoxy resin, glass, glass ceramic, rubber and plastic;

3.Composite Material: asbestos, epoxy fibre glass, carbon filler material, nylon filler material, phenolic filler material, pvc filler material, silicate filler material.