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SKYPE: daaocarbide
Carbide Insert

Carbide Insert

Carbide Insert
Product name : Carbide Insert
Item :
Details :
  Our strengths in special raw-material formula, advanced manufacturing process, and unique physics processing technology provide guaranty for manufacturing cutting tools with high hardness, high intensity, heat resistance, low friction coefficient and excellent binding capacity with fine-coating technology.
  In order to ensure the precision on manufacturing, we have more than 30 sets of high precision CNC grinding machines on site; spindle speed at RPM 15,000 rpm, vibration rate is less than 1μ, 3-axis monitor shown at 0.1μ which leads to the excellence of our products. Pursuing high precision of tools, the cutting edges have been magnified up to 50-100 times on a high resolution optical projector during the grinding (shaping) process; and Universal Tool Microscopes are applied in inspecting process. Therefore, the tolerance of our inserts is within 5μ to ensure the precision of the finished product. We also custom-made and design special special tools for our customers which has improved their productivity and has been approved by many of our customers. We imported advanced coating equipment to provide excellent coating layer of carbonize or nitride coating with titanium, aluminum, class diamond, zirconium or silicon to fulfill and ensure the various demand in the market.
  In addition to the China markets, we are actively seeking long-term partnership worldwide and create a win-win business opportunities.