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Chromium Carbide Based Powder

Chromium Carbide Based Powder

Chromium Carbide Based Powder
Product name : Chromium Carbide Based Powder
Item :
Details :
Itme Number
Powder Type & Composition
Properties & Industrial Application
Particle Size(um)
Sintered and Crused
Irregular Block Grayish black
High microhardness(1200.HV300)under high temperature, strong corrosion resistance;poor inter-particle strength;
For thermoforming molds, mandrels, hydraulic valves, machine parts;
Operating temperature up to 870℃(1600°F).
Agglomerated and Sintered
Spherical, Grayish black
Cr3C2-NiCr  80/20
Agglomerated and Sintered
Spherical Grey
The coating is smooth and dense, and the operating temperature is ≤870°C(1600°F);
Excellent anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance,especially in wet environments, when used in oil field equipment, paper machinery, pump seals and rotors,ball valves,compressor shafts,etc.
Cr3C2-NiCr  75/25
 Agglomerated and Sintered
Spherical Grey
Resists solid particle erosion, abrasion, tribo-corrosion;
Excellent hard chromium plating alternative with better chloride, acidic and alkaline resistance;
Minimal decarburization during spraying;
Select product by spray gun and process to be used and desired surface finish;
Service up to 870°C(1600°F).